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    Munich Hi End show 2016, Germany
    Munich Hi End Show from 3th to 6th of May 2012, booth no. is hall 4 / L09
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    X5 pro music streamer is available!
    air-1 turntable is available!
    Reference 8 pro music streamer is available!
    Linear200 Multi-function Tube integrated amplifier is available!
    X5 audio stream interface is available!
    A120, Reference 150, A100II hybrid, LP6.0, Eric-excel discontinued!
    Cyber800 MKII, stereoplay magazine "GOLDENS EAR 2018", Germany
    air-1, stereoplay magazine "HIGHLIGHT" 2016, Germany
    Cyber880i Plus X Award 2016, Germany
    Cyber880, hifi+ 2010 "Highly Recommended" award  


    air-1 in stereoplay 9/2017 Germany
    air-1 in LP 8/2017 Germany
    Linear5 in EAR IN 3/2017 Germany
    Reference DSD 1.1 in hi-fi+ 3/2016 UK
    Reference DSD 1.1 in stereoplay 2/2016 Germany
    Cyber10 in stereoplay 1/2016 Germany  
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