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    The tube integrated amplifier Linear845 is a 25 anniversary edition to celebrate Opera Audio was established for 25 years, which was centred extensive experience and years of technological achievements on the tube amplifier manufacture and develop. It is the flagship of the integrated amplifier.

    Linear 845 is Class A single-ended tube integrated amplifier. Specially designed high swing drive stage that maximizes the dynamics of the 845 power tube.

    It is particularly worth mentioning that it has two sets of true balanced inputs, and the balanced signal is converted to a single-ended by the Swedish LUNDAHL input transformer and then amplified to accommodate the needs of most of today's audio sources.

    The intuitive meter head can be manually adjusted to bias the 845 power tube to ensure optimum operation. The user can also replace the power tube 845 with 211 through the switch in the machine.

    The machine's materials are uncompromising, RA resistors, EIZZ step potentiometers and other high-quality components, Pin to pin welding to ensure the lowest loss of sound signals.

    Output power: 28W x 2 (RMS 1kHz)
    Distortion: <1% (11watt, 1kHz)
    Frequency: (-3dB) 10Hz - 27kHz
    Sensitivity: 310mV
    Input Impedance: 100 KΩ
    Output impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω
    Signal noise: 90dB
    Consumption: 300W
    Input interfaces: 2 groups ( RCA ), 2 groups XLR
    Vacuum Tube: 1 x ECC83, 2 x 5687, 2 x 845
    Dimension: 490 x 450 x 310mm (W x D x H)
    Weight: 33kg
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