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    LinearQ is a tube headphone amplifier with four-channel fully balanced push-pull amplification. It uses a direct-heating 2A3 tube to work in a push-pull state. Starting from the signal, the whole line is balanced and amplified. It is a balanced transmission that ensures thoroughness. Low-loss information transmission, and through the output transformer specially designed for the earphone, ensure good impedance matching when driving various types of headphones, and drive the headphones of various brands on the market without any burden. A set of speaker output terminals is available for use with high-sensitivity speakers as a high-quality combined amplifier.

    With three negative feedback options, users can adjust the convergence speed of the sound according to their own music preferences, and achieve satisfactory results.

    Uncompromising materials, Lunda balanced input transformers, Mundorf electrolytic capacitors, RA resistors, and other high-quality components, supplemented by the internal silver wire cross-linking and the most direct circuit connection scaffolding. Provides high quality internal electrical characteristics to ensure the lowest loss of sound signal. Provides a transparent, high transient and high speed listening performance.

    Output impedance: 30~300ohm, 300~600ohm
    Output power: 8W x2 RMS 1kHz
    Frequency: 6Hz - 72kHz -3dB(5W)
    Distortion: <1% (5W, 1KHz)
    Signal noise: 90dB
    Input Impedance: 100K
    Consumption: 220W
    Vacuum Tube: 2A3x4, 5AR4x2, 12BH7Ax2, E88CC/6922x2
    Negative feedback: -1.5dB, -3dB, -4.5dB
    Dimensions:366(L) x 355(W) x243(H) mm / 366(L) x 355(W) x97(H) mm (power supply)
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