• Analog System
    Droplet LP5.0MKII Turntable System with Special Made Stand
    Phono stage

    The design is kept relatively simple, following well established 'best practices' - it is a conservative design. In essence it is a solid plinth design carrying a massive, tool-steel, inverted-bearing sleeve shaft with a ceramic ball as the actual load bearing structure.

    The MKII version has upgraded the bearing system of the rotary table. The main shaft adopts the brass material main body with the best resonant frequency, the 0.003mm ultra high-precision mirror ceramic main shaft, and the self-lubricating shaft sleeve structure, which greatly improves the running accuracy and signal-to-noise ratio.The drive motor adopts a precise DC motor servo system, and the user can accurately adjust the speed of the turntable through an external speed control system.

    Suspension: Mass-loaded on 3 point solid aluminum domes
    Plinth: One piece machined anodized aluminum
    Platter: Machined 67mm acrylic contoured to match record surface (indent for record label)
    Bearing: Large diameter inverted fixed spindle with polished ceramic ball on a teflon thrust plate
    Motor: German manufactured precision hi torque AC motor with pully (33+45rpm)
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