• Analog System
    WAX Engine Turntable
    Phono stage
    The CONSONANCE WAX Engine is a quite remarkable new turntable. There are more sensible design features that are beneficial to analogue playback in this turntable than those costing several times more.

    Main bearing & Spindle
    The WAX Engine has been updated to include the Well Tempered Lab "Zero Clearance" design platter bearing. This is in cooperation with our Well Tempered Lab partners.

    Design philosophy-Rotational Stability of the spindle
    The Well Tempered Lab spindle rotates in a teflon bearing with a triangular hole. The apex of the triangle is orientated towards the motor. This results in vanishingly low friction and a high degree of stability.

    Design philosophy- Bearing Noise
    The Well Tempered bearing uses a Teflon thrust bearing. The stainless steel spindle has a precision point and rests into a small hole in the Teflon thrust bearing to achieve very low noise.
    The DC motor is a high quality Mabuchi with a patented DC servo supply.

    The tonearm is a new aluminium tonearm with cotton fibre internal damping.
    Newly designed bearing system with precision machined cups encapsulating 4x tapered shafts in a gimbal fashion to control vibration and resonance in both vertical and horizontal motion whilst allowing secure tracking with even the most demanding of recordings.
    The anti-skate mechanism is also quite unique providing a constantly gentle anti-skate across the whole surface of the recording.

    All mounted on an aluminium "T" section chassis with isolation feet. A serious attempt to give the recordings their best shot.

    Voltage: 12VDC, 1A adaptor
    Tonearm: 9” effective length
    Speed accuracy: Within 0.01%
    Motor power supply: 12VDC, 1A
    Dimensions: 145 x 385 x 345mm (H x W x D)
    Weight: 6kg
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