Cyber800MKII, stereoplay magazine "GOLDENS EAR 2018" award, Germany

    air-1, stereoplay magazine "HIGHLIGHT award" 2017, Germany

    Reference DSD1.1, stereoplay magazine "HIGHLIGHT award" 2016, Germany

    Cyber880i Plus X Award 2016, Germany

    M15-20 anniversary, Audio magazine "Golden Ear Award" 2016, Germany

    Cyber20 MKII, Audio magazine "Golden Ear Award" 2016, Germany

    M10S, Audio magazine "Golden Ear Award" 2015, Germany

    Cyber880, hifi+ 2010 "Highly Recommended" award

    M100 Plus, le Monde de la Musique magazine attributes the “Choc Hi-Fi 2007” award

    Cyber 211 In 6 moons have blue moon award

    CD120 Linear In Hifi+ 2006 Product of the year Award

    CD120 Linear In The Stereo Times 2006 Most Wanted Components Award

    Droplet CDP5.0 In Image HiFi 2006 Award

    Cyber222 and Cyber800 hifi+ 2005 DISCOVERY Award

    Droplet CDP5.0 In 6 moons have Blue Moon Award
    Droplet LP5.0 In Enjoy the Music Best Of 2005 Blue Note Equipment Award
    A120 In The 2005 Stereo Times Most Wanted Components Award
    Reference5.5 In diapason 11/2003 From France
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